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New Trailer online!
April 14th, 2007 - LC2SA

Thanks to Grand Theft Auto IV, Liberty City is on everyone's lips. After GTA 1, GTA III and GTA Liberty City Stories the gritty East Coast metropolis returns bigger and better than ever. However, even before you can experience new adventures in Liberty City from October, the city comes to San Andreas! As already reported, we are working on the mod Liberty City 2 San Andreas and it is now about to be published, in early May it should finally be ready!
If you have not heard yet of the mod, here is a brief description:
The entire map of Liberty City is now located in San Andreas. The mod offers a completely new story and also the possibility of them using GTA Rumble to play online! It wait many extras to you. For example, arms dealers on the streets that sell you new shooting iron directly on the car! Also, base jumps are possible. Stay tuned!

But the real reason why we make Liberty City 2 San Andreas once again the topic, is the new multiplayer trailer, which offers you over three minutes of hilarious action!

Tell us what you think of the mod so far and if you already feverishly opposed the release!