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New Ways
July 8th, 2008 - United 1.2

"New Ways" and mod updates

About one year ago ColdDeath started a community stunt video at VC2SA. However with the time everything came different and the video sunk under the work on the GTA United project. But now after one year he picked up the work again, recorded replays and cutted an fantastic video. Together with some of the old stunts there finally came out a epic collab. "New Ways" is the name of this masterpiece where 27 stunters perform their best on the new territory.
Watch it out on YouTube.

Also there are some updates about the modification. I am proud to tell you that Beta 1.2 will come some fundamentally changes. Together with Sacky (Our amazing codecrack) I worked on a new limit adjustment system. This new technology allows us to make the modification more compatible with DirectX hook modifications and other memory manipulating mods. It is unlike the old version based on an executeable patch, that manipulates the game's hex structure. Also you will not even recognize that the executeable is changed, because we also worked on a new installer. Using NSIS and the script interface of my new Limit Adjuster you have to do nothing else than follow an easy structured and understandable installer. You also have the possibility to tell the installer to make a backup of your game before you install the modification. Also we are working on an patch that will change the User Files directory of the game to a new one, so that your savegames for San Andreas and United are stored seperately. However we have not yet fixed the savegame crash, but we are on a good way. We are completely overworking the script of the modification so that there will be less crashes and freezes. Also some map bugs will be fixed and Liberty City will have it's old flair back, because AMD already mapped around 1000 new details. Finally we are working over some old models and improving them for the new engine (Like adding rooftops to some houses without and fixing collisions).

The major advantage of the of the new systems are the possibility to play online. We are testing our modification on seceral multiplayer addons. However we successfuly tested the mod on GTA Rumble. Tests on SA:MP or Multi Theft Auto Deathmatch were not yet successfuly, but we are still not out of ways to solve that.

We cannot say an exact day of release, although we haven't nearly finished our work to get to the target we set us for the next release, but we are on a good way and will keep you up to date.

Enjoy your hot days and vacations,
Yours GTA United Dev-Team.