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Ultimate Stunting SCM
January 24th, 2009 - United 1.1


Aschratt & ColdDeath

Dannye, a well known and successful modder and stunter, had some time ago the idea to develop an SCM that should be specifically designed for stunting. With the SCM you should be able to perform various special functions via keyboard shortcut in real time in the game, be it to spawn the last used car, to store various spawn points, invulnerability of the player or the vehicles, or to change the color of cars. In short, anything that can helpful in "stunting".

Meanwhile, he has developed this SCM, which he has called USCM, with very many other functions already for Vice City, San Andreas and many other great map modifications. Unfortunately, this was missing till today for GTA United, so Aschratt and ColdDeath have started to convert these USCM of Dannyes current San Andreas version 3 of its USCM for GTA United, what we have now succeeded. We wish you much fun with this USCM and continued success.