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Gold Status and Release Date
December 12th, 2012 - United 1.2

Do you know that feeling .. you have a hobby that you can fully enjoy, in which it doesn't matter what time of day it is, it's fun and you will simply not get tired to pursue this hobby? And this kind of hobby is also one, which can bind you many years, which can motivate you many years and also which doesn't let you doubt over the years that what you're doing is a great thing, one thing that is worth it performing. In such hobbies it then also doesn't matter if it takes a long time until you see any progress, until you see a possible outcome, because there are only two things that are important to you: on one hand the goal taken alone and on the other hand the way to achieve this very goal itself. The GTA San Andreas modification "GTA United", the development of the brand new version 1.2, have been such a hobby for us as developers, it took us many years working away, granted many great moments and ultimately means a lot to us, aswell. To drive up this modification to it's utmost, to realize the diverse wishes and demands to the modification, to get out the absolute best out of United and ourselves, that has always been our goal, our motivation. One goal of this magnitude can not be achieved alone, a team which is characterized by different skills and so supports itself is therefore of vital importance and so we got to know lots of people over the years who supported us in their own unique way. Is it that they have worked effectively on the modification or that they told us about bugs in previous versions of the modification, which we wanted then to patch aswell. Thus, many contributed their own part to our current position and for that we would like to sincerely thank you from the entire team of GTA United, without this assistance would not have been realized much.

Gold Status
After over six years of development, when the first work was started regarding our two original modifications VC2SA and LC2SA, we now, here and today come to the final point, which we have all longed for exceedingly. We demanded a lot of patience of ourselves as well as of the fans of our modification, that we are of absolutely clear - but we can only say that it has been confirmed: good things take time. Hereby we officially announce and full of joy that the GTA San Andreas modification "GTA United 1.2" has reached it's Gold Status! The development of version 1.2 is now completed to 100%, we are ready now to release GTA United 1.2! To celebrate, we have released a small selection of very special pictures for you right now. We hope that they make you want more.
Grand Theft Auto United | News | Gold Status and Release DateGrand Theft Auto United | News | Gold Status and Release DateGrand Theft Auto United | News | Gold Status and Release DateGrand Theft Auto United | News | Gold Status and Release Date

At this point there is now, of course, to clarify one last important issue. It is, in principle, the question of questions, which we have faced over the years, understandably. Besides all the new content, fixes and improvements that have been incorporated into the modification and over which we also have subsequently reported repeatedly, we were always asked a special question, a question we could not really answer for a long time - because we ultimately didn't know it ourselves, because the development of such a modification such as ours is poorly predictable. And so it happened for a certain period of time that we have simply responded with the famous phrase "when it's done" because this phrase expressed to us exactly what it means. A job where you put into it a lot of time and effort should then finish when it really is and not just if everything is still in a preliminary state, where half of the content is not working as it should. The point is - the uncertainty comes now finally to an end! The question, of when our modification, when GTA United 1.2 will be released, we are now finally able to answer! The day, on which GTA United 1.2 will be released, is:

Release Date
16th of December 2012 - 16 o'clock CET
15 o'clock UTC

Now it's out, in 4 days the grand finale is reached! It was a journey that has made us have a lot of fun and we are very satisfied and happy with what we have achieved. There have been incorporated many changes in the modification that will have a catch on the ones, maybe a little less partially on the other .. but this is the way things go, because tastes are different. Nevertheless, we are really confident that the vast majority will be well received and really anyone can and will have a lot of fun with GTA United 1.2. The old feeling of the games GTA III and GTA Vice City combined, and spiced up with the engine of GTA San Andreas, this is something unique, from the idea to its practical realization. We remain here and we hope that many of you will be there when we start our last final and big show. See you then! Help us! Support us!

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