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The following solutions are possibilities you may try if you've got problems with playing GTA United. Those are common workarounds for most of the known issues. Anyway we cannot ensure that those solutions work for you. The problem you have could have many reasons which do not need to be related into GTA United itself directly (e.g. problems with your operation system preferences). But all in all we hope, that the majority of the GTA United players should find solutions on this site.
If your issue is not mentioned here or our solutions do not help you, you may contact us.

Grand Theft Auto United 1.2
Problems during the installation
Failure message 'Incorrect Version' or 'The specified original GTA San Andreas directory contains the wrong gta_sa.exe version!' during the installation
If you get this error during the installation process, you have the wrong version of the gta_sa.exe.

Solution: You may try to copy the US 1.0 (size 14 383 616 bytes) version to your original GTA San Andreas directory and run the GTA United setup again.

Failure message 'Initialization Error' or 'The specified original GTA San Andreas directory is not valid!' error during the installation
If you get this error during the installation process, you have selected an invalid GTA San Andreas directory.

Solution: Make sure you selected a valid GTA San Andreas directory during the GTA United installation process.

Problems while running the game
Game crash during the loading process
If GTA United is crashing during the loading process, follow this to solve the problem.

1. Install GTA United on an 100% clean and unmodified version of GTA San Andreas. Be sure that you follow the instructions of the installation guide.
2. Make sure your gta_sa.exe is patched correctly. If so, it should have a size around 13.9 MB (originally around 13.7 MB). You can patch your gta_sa.exe manually after the installation process, by running the patch_gta_sa.bat from your GTA United 1.2 directory. If you get an error when you do that, check the section Problems during the installation above.
3. If your game crashes at the end of the loading process, make sure you have started a new game or loaded a GTA United 1.2 Savegame. GTA United 1.1 or GTA San Andreas Savegames are not compatible with GTA United 1.2!

When I start the gta_sa.exe I get the failure message 'Error loading plugin VAL.asi', what can I do?
Try to install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package. 32-Bit | 64-Bit

My game is crashing during the intro credits, what can I do?
Try to install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package. 32-Bit | 64-Bit

The game is freezing or crashing while playing, what can I do?
Try to remember what you have done last in the game and post it to one of our support forums. Additionally you also should upload the scmlog.log file that can be found in the cleo folder inside your game directory.

After quitting the game, I get the Message 'gta_sa.exe has stopped working', is this a problem?
This message appears sometimes when you quit the game, caused by some changes we had to do on the gta_sa.exe to get United 1.2 running.
This has no affection to your ingame experience, your savegames or anything else.

Problems with the Radio Station Customizer
The radio station import from CD started correctly, but stops suddenly, what can I do?
Make sure your CD has no scratches or cracks and is fully readable. If your CD has some scratches, it is sometimes helpful to use another CD drive.

Failure message 'Error saving file to: ...' during the import of the radio stations, what can I do?
Run the RadioStationCustomizer.exe as administrator (Right click on it -> Run as administrator).

Problems with the 2nd phone mission
After collecting the package in the 2nd phone mission, nothing happens, what can I do?
Start the mission again and collect the package while driving the boat.

I can't reach the plane, what can I do?
Try to enable the Frame Limiter. You can find this option in the game menuwhen you go to Options -> Display Setup -> Advanced.

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