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March 6th, 2011 - United 1.2

We are back and are glad to be able to spread this news. While the time we need for the new and announced Version 1.2 increases constantly and because of that we always must listen to the question, whether we still work on the modification - we can ensure you. Neither are we "dead", yet inactive and certainly we do not give up. Our objective for Version 1.2 is, to make it clear, very high and this simply means, that we need with a moderate teamsize an appropriate time for the completion and fulfillment of our goals. We do have dreams and we want this dreams to become true. But all in all we can tell, that we already finished a lot of stuff on our lists. It's going forward, every day and we will reach our goal! Let's come to the newest of all informations.

Let us remember the last versions of GTA United, thus there where for everybody the one or the other problems within the game, which influenced the feel of the game negatively. We as developers have made it back then our mission, to fix those problems under all circumstances as good as we can, so that a great gameflow and an accordingly experience can arise. Aschratt and ATP of our modification now solved once and for all one of our biggest major problems. From this time on we are able to save and load savegames! GTA United 1.2 includes a functional save system. The times of the eternal startings of a new game are by that finally over.

According to our team there are changings, too. On the one hand we can present Hummtaro as our first new member, he is in charge of converting and adaptation modelling. Our former GFX Artist MAL_ONE will be henceforth an inactive member of our team. MAL_ONE is an outstanding talent, who managed over a long period of time an awesome and superb work for us. We as a team can't thank him enough for this. Even though we are sad about his decision, we respect it and wish him all the best for the future. Fortunately we already could gain a new member for our team and this job, the speech is about Massacre, our second receipt we have to note. He already proved his talent to us und we are looking forward to work with him. That you are able to imagine what he is able to, we present here two of his former works.
Grand Theft Auto United | News | Not Just Another VersionGrand Theft Auto United | News | Not Just Another Version

There is even progress, when it comes in general to the extent of different integrated scripts in the modification. Thus now we implemented the ambulance, firefighter, taxi and police missions and so these are gonna be availalbe in the next version aswell. We included a script, too, that you can buy hotdogs at the hotdog vehicles. Even small functions, which contribute to the charm of the modification, get's therefore implemented.

But what is the use of empty words? We invite all of you, create your own opinion and watch yourself! ATP cut a video, which shows a part of his new scripts for Version 1.2 and therefore delivers a great overview. In the video several aspects are presented, which were wished for by all kind of persons in the past and so we are positive, to be able to declare Version 1.2 as "interactive". But enough with the words at this point. ATP and the rest of the team wish you much fun while watching "United One Point Two". :)

Grand Theft Auto United | News | Not Just Another Version
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We also want to start a call for new members again: we search new members! You think, that you have solid knowledge and proven experience in subjects like mapping and modelling? You can recognize problems and create resolutions for them and enjoy it, to work in a team? You are willed, to deal with the appearing matter, even if it means work? Then contact us! The concrete skills your should bring with you, are:
  • create/change objects
  • optimize the polygon number
  • customize LODs
  • optimize COLLs
  • bring objects into the game
  • have the knowledge of what is possible on stage of the engine (IDE/IPL)
You can be with us, to bring this modification to the home stretch and finally, when this modification goes online. Because the situation is still, that we could realize our remaining goals ourself, but this means aswell, that it will take longer till the release. Therefore we would be really glad and would appreciate it, if someone would like to help us in a competent way, that would really be a discharge. Because we also want to enjoy ourself with the new version and want to have fun while playing it!

Last but not least, the question of all questions. How does the future of GTA United look like, what do we still need to do and when can the release of "GTA United 1.2" be expected?

In this issue we are totally honest, because everything else wouldn't make make much sense, not only for us. We do not have a release date for Version 1.2 yet and aren't able to announce one aswell, even if we want to. The reasons for this are as already mentioned above, that we still are not satisfied with what we archieved. What we already finished until now, is like we think a remarkable amount, which extent goes beyond what we already presented and mentioned in all previous reports about the modification alltogether; what would a new version be like, if there wouldn't be any secrets and things, to explore? Despite that, our roadmap isn't finished yet and therefore a definite fixation of a release date wouldn't have a great value. We wouldn't know, if we could manage it to finish our modification in the remaining time, we all do have a privat life aswell and work on this in our free time, without getting a real reward besides the fun doing it. Naturally we could say "GTA United Version 1.2 will be released in summer 2011 definitely", but even so we really would like to do that, this statement wouldn't have any substance. It may could happen theoretically some day aswell, that we announce the release as shortly before standing. But that all depends on how quickly we can finish the remaining goals we have and how much help we get.

In the sense. Thank you for your patience, your joy with the modification and your backing. Stick with us, help us, fight for us! We do all have the same goal.