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Stage 2 - Silver Status
December 2nd, 2012 - United 1.2

For the second last time we report here today about the development status of our beloved modification GTA United 1.2 - and officially announce with pride that we reached the Silver Status! Version 1.2 is hence almost finished and it now goes to the very last, final phase. Let's first take a look again at our overview, with which we want to illustrate the finalization of our modification.

Stage 1 - Bronze Status
  • Forecourt to completion
  • Basic background work has been completed. There have also been included a very large number of improvements and innovations in the modification.
  • The map is finished, at least as good as.
Stage 2 - Silver Status
  • Version 1.2 is nearly completed. From this point on, last-minute changes and corrections are made, from here on the the last major test phase begins.
  • With the silver status the official and effective promotion of version 1.2 begins.
Stage 3 - Gold Status
  • 100 %, Completion.
  • The development of the modification GTA United 1.2 is completed.
  • 1 week until the release
Without wasting many words, we want to keep it at that today. We look back on years of intensive work, where we had many obstacles to overcome, developed concepts and realizations. We look back on a time that has not been without problems, where we had to solve team-internal disputes, a time when we had always to affirm ourselves, where we had to show "We are still alive!" .. but also a time in which we have worked with joy at the new version. The progress came, step by step, and there are few things more beautiful than to see how the own work slowly takes shape. The support we have received here was absolutely necessary for survival, no doubt, because without motivation, such a modification can not be realized. For this diverse motivation - we thank you all. The more we look forward to finally set this modification in not too long time free and to find the conclusion. The best comes in the end. And thus remains only to say that we are continue counting on your help and support!

Until Gold Status message of the GTA San Andreas modification "GTA United 1.2".

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Gold Status and Release Date
- Here we come!